About Us

Founded by three industry veterans with award winning products in their portfolios 

and supported by a team of passionate designers, testers and musicians.

Qubiq understands what it takes to be successful.



Jennifer Hruska, CEO

As a musician, technologist and business executive, Jennifer Hruska brings a unique blend of talents to Qubiq as its founder and CEO. Jennifer's early career was as a sound designer at Kurzweil Music Systems, working along side such industry greats as Ray Kurzweil and Bob Moog. Following, she founded and operated SONiVOX, an audio technology company that developed and licensed retail and embedded music products. SONiVOX technology reached hundreds of millions of customers when its products were used in Android, Motorola, Samsung and other global branded cellphones and tablets. In 2012 Jennifer sold SONiVOX to inMusic Brands where she took on the task of incorporating software into the company's industry leading hardware keyboard brands -  Akai Professional, M-Audio and  Alesis. Jennifer is a jazz pianist and active composer in the New England area.

Patrice Tarabbia leads Qubiq's technology vision as the company's Chief Technology Officer. After several years in the areospace industry in France, Patrice left to focus on his passion designing and building audio software and instruments. A NYC jazz pianist by night, Patrice is an active musician who uses the software he builds. He is the founder of BigTick and former developer for Akai, M-Audio, Sunhouse, Nomad Factory and other industry leading music technology manufacturers.



VP of Development

Rick Cohen is Qubiq's VP of Development. With nearly 3 decades of experience in software coding and management, Rick brings considerable expertise to the Qubiq team. Formerly of Kurzweil Music Systems, First Act, Synthogy and Sonivox, Rick's skills span from desktop and mobile application development to middleware solutions to low level embedded systems.  Rick is also a current member and former chairman of the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) Technical Standards Board. Rick is a seasoned guitarist and keyboardist and performs regularly in the New England area.

Qubiq's sound design and quality assurance team is comprised of real musicians with real world experience and of course big ears. Interested in joining the team? Contact us at contact@qubiqaudio.com.


Market Proven Team

We've designed a lot of products over the years. Here are a few we're most proud of.
Akai Advance and VIP Virtual Instrument Player

This groundbreaking keyboard and software won numerous awards for its innovation in giving musicians direct control of all 3rd party VST's from a keyboard.

Qubiq's CEO Jennifer Hruska, CTO Patrice Tarabbia and VP of Development Rick Cohen were respectively Senior Producer, Lead Software Engineer and Embedded Engineer on this product.  

SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro

SONiVOX produced many virtual instruments but one of the most fascinating was Vocalizer Pro, a MIDI controlled audio plugin which spectrally manipulates vocals using standard MIDI controls.

Qubiq's CEO Jennifer Hruska produced this award winning product with her team of SONiVOX engineers and sound designers.

Synthogy Ivory

Synthogy took the industry by storm by releasing the most realistic line of Grand Piano virtual instruments ever produced. They are still the industry standard today.

Qubiq's VP of Development Rick Cohen was part of the Synthogy software development team helping to bring these great products to market.

Akai MPC RenaiSsance

The MPC Renaissance was the first of this iconic product line to incorporate a fully integrated desktop software sequencer and synthesizer.

Qubiq's CEO Jennifer Hruska and CTO Patrice Tarabbia were respectively Senior Software Manager and Software Engineer on this product.

Kurzweil PC Series Keyboards

Nothing speaks quality and innovation like a Kurzweil synthesizer and controller, known for the sound quality and depth of features.

Qubiq's VP of Development Rick Cohen was Senior Software Engineer and Software Product Manager on this and other Kurzweil keyboard products.

Android Mobile Phone OS

When Google came looking for an embedded MIDI synthesizer solution for their Android platform, they came to SONiVOX, the leader in embedded audio technologies in the 2000's. 

Qubiq's CEO Jennifer Hruska was founder and CEO of SONiVOX during these exciting early years of mobile. Their EAS (Embedded Audio Solution) is still used today in Android mobile devices.