Qubiq goes public with new struQture audio platform


Industry veteran Jennifer Hruska launches new company to allow plugin developers, sound designers, producers, and other content providers a way to build custom branded music software and sell it on the Gobbler Subscription Marketplace.

Boston, MA USA (January 18, 2017)—QUBIQ™, pronounced “Cue-bic” (, announced today the immediate availability of the struQture™ development platform for individuals or companies looking to build and sell custom branded software applications such as virtual instruments, effects plugins, and mobile apps. The Qubiq solution is unique in that it not only provides a technical solution for building custom software but also offers the much-needed business supports to sell the software via Gobbler’s online Subscription Marketplace.

“There are so many great sound designers, producers, DJs, musicians and even record companies with fantastic and ever growing libraries of samples, stems, loops and other audio content. And musicians would love to have access to this stuff!”, says Jennifer Hruska, CEO of Qubiq, “But to bring this to fruition you need a software engine, design expertise, copy protection, and a way to sell it. Putting all that together is just not possible for most people. Now they can.”

By partnering with Qubiq and Gobbler, content producers get a complete end-to-end solution. Clients provide the sounds and Qubiq and Gobbler do the rest.

The struQture engine is a full featured synthesizer capable of multiple styles of synthesis (sample playback, virtual analog, FM, others) all available in a single patch. It supports a fully modular array of filters, effects, and modulators as well as “players” such as arpeggiators, pattern sequencers, XY controllers and others. Sound designers can access all of this functionality via the struQture Editor which allows for graphic keymapping, patch design, and plugin testing.

Unlike competitors in this space, Qubiq enabled plugins are not required to sit inside a Qubiq player, nor does Qubiq even produce its own plugins. “Our focus is squarely on ensuring our client's plugins are the best they can be so they can succeed in the marketplace.”, said Jennifer Hruska, CEO of Qubiq. "If they succeed, we succeed."

To support this strategy, Qubiq has partnered with Gobbler ( to sell Qubiq enabled plugins on the Gobbler subscription marketplace, thereby providing the much-needed ecommerce supports to ensure the products reach the hands of as many musicians as possible. Subscription is the future for pro-audio. For end users, they are getting incredible software for better prices. For publishers, they are expanding their customer bases exponentially by having a business model which matches the spending habits of today’s audio professionals.

“We are so excited to bring this platform online”, said Chris Kantrowitz, CEO of Gobbler, “Now producers and creators have a safe and secure platform from which to sell their work. This is a first of its kind solution which blends subscription and protection. It’s a win win. If you have been concerned about other platforms where your Intellectual Property will be end up all over the internet days after you publish it, your worries are over. Problem solved.”

MVP Loops co-founder Donald Johnson agrees. “Our ever-growing library of content, both in-house and from A-List producers and musicians, required robust copy protection for the plugins and the add-on content packs. We also needed to make it available to everyone, not just a select few who can afford it. The collaboration between Qubiq, Gobbler and MVP Loops gives customers a new way to gain access to incredible instruments via inexpensive subscriptions. We are proud and excited to be the first company to release products on the new Qubiq struQture platform! It sounds amazing, is easy and intuitive to develop on, and offers us the flexibility to create a much wider range of products quickly."

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About Qubiq

Qubiq is a B2B audio development and business consulting company specializing in music technology and music instrument markets. Founded by Jennifer Hruska, Patrice Tarabbia and Richard Cohen, Qubiq clients benefit from an award-winning development and business team with decades of experience and a strong passion for industry leading technologies.

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Gobbler is the first subscription marketplace for Pro-Audio. Launched in 2015, the marketplace has delivered software to audio professionals in 114 countries. Our mission is to provide tools and services to the creative software community which will help them grow their user bases and deliver the best user experiences possible.

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