Qubiq launches socially conscious 2getheraudio music software brand

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Boston, MA USA (September 6, 2018) — Qubiq Audio, (, announced today the launch of a new socially conscious music software brand, 2getheraudio, using an industry-first model where customers pay what they want and half of the purchase price is donated to a charity or cause of their choice. 2getheraudio's mission is to bring more music into the world by empowering musicians to express themselves, and at the same time, help others in need. Allowing customers to select their own price and social cause allows everyone to get professional music making software, make more music, and participate in the act of giving back to the world.

“Myself, and the other two founders of Qubiq, wanted to find a way to get more our of virtual instruments and effects plugins into the hands of as many musicians as we could, but we also wanted to find a way for ourselves and our customers to give back to our world, because frankly, it seems to need it”, says Jennifer Hruska, CEO of Qubiq, “Musicians and artists have always been at the forefront of social justice and change so this seemed like a perfect way to let everyone in our music technology community get new plugins and help others in need.”

The first two available plugins from 2getheraudio are RE4ORM, a Free4orm Additive Synthesizer virtual instrument, and RE4ORM FX, an Audio Shape Remixer effects plugin. Both plugins bring an exciting new way to create sounds by drawing or warping waveform shapes with your mouse, an intuitive and easy approach with amazing sonic results.

More info, demos, and free trials of RE4ORM and RE4ORM FX can be found on the 2getheraudio website at

RE4ORM and RE4ORM FX utilize the Qubiq Audio struQture™ audio engine, a software platform that builds virtual instruments and effects plugins and features a fully modular architecture for combining multiple synthesis methods (sample playback, virtual analog, FM, additive and others), modulators, effects and players like arpeggiators. The struQture audio engine is used in plugins from Akai Professional, NOS Audio, Sonivox and others.

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