AIR Music Technology releases DrumSynth 500, a struQture-powered virtual instrument.

Boston, MA, USA (April 15, 2019)—Qubiq Audio ( announced today that AIR Music Technology (, a developer of premium virtual instruments released Drumsynth 500, a virtual instrument of electronic drum sounds for use with any DAW or as a Standalone application for live performance. Drumsynth 500 is built and runs on Qubiq Audio’s struQture audio platform.

In the style of the popular 500 series synth modules, Drumsynth 500 delivers full control of electronic drums in an easy-to-use graphical interface. Users can make their own electronic drum sounds or take advantage of the included 500 drum sounds, 500 drum samples, 50 drum kits and 500 MIDI drum loops which can be loaded into any DAW and used to kick-start any song or production.

Drumsynth 500 makes full use of struQture’s ability to run multiple synthesis technologies at the same time. Drumsynth 500 utilizes four synthesizers internally, including a virtual analog synth, FM synth, noise synth, and sample playback synth.

Using a MIDI keyboard, pad controller, electronic drumkit, or the user’s favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, Drumsynth 500 brings modern electronic drum sounds into musical productions in the studio or live playing.

It's simple to start shaping electronic drum sounds. Users can dig in deep with individual parameter control for all instruments or use the randomizer, which makes a drum sounds with just one press of a button. Advanced users will find this to be a tweaker’s paradise to produce their own one-of-a-kind sound.

Drumsynth 500 is built on powerful all-new engine for live performance or studio use. For live performance, users can simply fire up their PC or Mac desktop app and perform without a DAW for distraction-free performance. For studio use, all popular plugin formats are supported.

Drumsynth 500 is packaged into a beautiful user interface with no hidden panels, for quick, fun creation of electronic drum sounds.

Features at a Glance:

  • 8-channel electronic drum synthesizer with fully programmable drum sounds in the style of 500 Series rack modules.

  • Individual instrument channels for Kick, Snare, Hats, Clap, Toms, Percussion and two Sampler channels for any mono or stereo .wav audio file.

  • Load your sounds into two separate sampler channels, including loop, forward and reverse playback!

  • Includes over 500 drum sounds, 500 MIDI drum loops, 50 drum kits, and 500 drum samples from an exclusive vault of Akai Pro, Alesis eDrums and Air Music Tech sounds.

  • Easy-to-use interface with no hidden panels.

  • Randomize feature for quickly generating new electronic drum sounds with just one button press.

  • Works with any MIDI keyboard, pad controller or drum kit controller

  • MPC Full Level and Note Repeat for each instrument channel

  • Three distortion effects (including new Bitcrusher and Decimate), 5 filters and 2 compressors per instrument channel!

  • Two reverb sends and two delay sends per instrument channel

  • Huge Master channel includes three saturation effects, a convolution reverb, an algorithmic reverb, a stereo delay, a mono delay, a compressor and a unique Kill EQ circuit.

Drumsynth 500 is available online for $99.99 ($149.99 after introductory offer).

For more information and a 14-day free trial, visit:


About AIR Music Technology (

AIR Music Technology began life as Wizoo Sound Design in Bremen, Germany. The AIR team pioneered many of the core audio effects and virtual instruments

developed specifically for Avid® Pro Tools®. Today, AIR continues to create a vast array of software solutions for the computer musician—including Ignite, the inspiring music creation software, as well as a suite of exceptional virtual instruments. AIR Music Technology is a proud member of the inMusic family. Avid and Pro Tools are registered trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc.

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