struQture is a technology platform for companies and individuals needing a best-in-class audio engine for their next music product.
struQture can build virtual instruments, monetize a content library, support a hardware line, individualize a game and much, much more.

Copy Protection

We believe you should get paid for your products, not lose hard-earned money to piracy.


struQture offers two options for copy protection. You choose the one that works best for you.

Copy Protection

Application  and Content Encryption

NFRs and Trial Licenses

Customer Authorization Center

Dongle or No Dongle Options

Support for Subscriptions or Authorization Codes


Custom Interfaces

your brand

Qubiq powered plugins stand on their own as dedicated VST, AU, AAX and Standalone plugins. Unlike Kontakt and UVI, no 3rd party host or player is required.

Qubiq powered plugins are fully compatible with all major DAWs including Live, Logic, ProTools, StudioOne, Fruity Loops, and any VST, AU or AAX DAWs.

Audio Engine

The Audio Engine is the workhorse of the struQture platform. Written natively and optimized for CPU efficiency, it powers the audio playback and synthesis system.

content players

Virtual Instrument Player

Music Player

Stem Player


Step Sequencers

Multi-instance capable

Multi-timbral capable

Disc Streaming

multiple synthesizers

Complete Sampler

Wavetable Synth

Additive Synth

Virtual Analog Synth

Super Saw Synth

FM Synthesis

Noise Generators

Waveguide Synth

suite of effects

45 Effects & Growing

Convolution Engine

EQ, Distortion, Delay FX

Dynamic Processors

Guitar FX

Multi pole bi-quad Filters

Send and Insert FX

Effects Stacks

realtime modulation

35 Modulators & Growing

Full Modular Design

Global & Per-Voice Mods

Math Modulators

DAW Synchronization

MIDI Modulators

Macro Controls

Much much more

Sound Design Tools

Great sound design takes great sound design tools. The struQture platform comes with a sound design editor for designing our plugin, creating your sounds and auditioning your plugin in its final end-user form.

modular design

Every oscillator, modulator, effect, and player has its own individual panel. Link windows allow you to patch them together for an endless variety of sounds.